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The Multi Stakeholder Group (MSG)

With the decree of Prime Minister No. 71, date 21.07.2011,

it is decided the establishment and functioning of the Multi Stakeholder Group, to follow the procedures for Albania membership, as an  implementing country of Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative and the ongoing completion of this initiative obligations.

For the Albanian EITI, the Multi Stakeholder Group is decision-making body, in charge for the surveillance of EITI implementation in Albania. This Group is directed by the Deputy Minister of Ministry of Energy and Industry and it consists of representatives of government, representatives of companies which operate in extractive industries and representatives of civil society. Multi Stakeholder Group, approves the work plan for the Secretariat, approves the Annual EITI Report, assures that EITI contributes to the public debate and supports the Albanian Secretariat.

Members of Multi Stakeholder Group

Multi Stakeholder Group headed by the Deputy Minister of Ministry of Energy and Industry consists of 16 representatives of which: 6 representatives from government, 5 representatives from civil society and 5 representatives from the companies which operate in extractive industry.

Head of Multistakeholder Group
MR. ILIR BEJTJA Deputy Minister, Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy /Head of the Albanian MSG +355 4 2225695
MSG Members – Representatives of Albanian Government
Mr. MEHMET HASALAMI Ministry of Energy and Industry +355692091555
Mrs. MAJLINDA HAFIZI Ministry of Finance and Economy  +355 695241786
Mrs. TETIS LUBONJA Ministry of Justice +355 67 20 52 220
Mrs. MIMOZA SALLAKU General Directorate of Taxes +355 682623101
Mr. NIKOLL  KAZA Geological Albanian Service +355684045759
Mr.ROBERT BESHELLO National Agency of Natural Resources +355674039913
MSG Members – Representatives of  Civil Society
Mr. SAMI NEZA Center for Transparency and Free Information +355682088602
Mrs. ANILA HAJNAJ Albanian Centre for Development and Integration +355674109682
Mrs. OLA MITRE Women for the Protection of Natural Resources +355682081016
Mr. LORENC GORDANI Albanian Center of International Rights +355683076488
Mr.KUSHTRIM SIMONI Study Center on Media Policy +355675448784
MSG Members – Representatives of Extractive Industries Operators
Mr. PERPARIM ALIKAJ FIAA +355682020101
Mr. DRITAN DERVISHAJ ANTEA Cement +355694060150
Mr. ROHAN D’SOUZA Chairman of SHELL Upstream Albania B.V +355697058195
 Permanent Contributors of EITI Process
Pending confirmation member Devoll Hydropower Sh.a./STATKRAFT
Mr.ARMAND REVELI General Directorate of Customs +355697083880
Mr.MYNYR SINANAJ NANR +355684076006
Mr. ATHANAS KARAJA Ministry of Environment +35564055933
Mrs. BORANA KALEMI Ministry of Finance and Economy +355 695149523
Mr.BILAL KOÇI Geological Albanian Service +355684083181
Mrs.ERJOLA SADUSHI Albanian Energy Regulator Authority      +35569 965 6597
Mr. AGIM NASHI  Albanian Energy Regulator Authority    +35569 299 4506
Mrs. MARSIDA GRAMI  Ministry of Justice +355695636 950
Mr. SOKOL MATI +355674092730

MR. NERITAN TROSHANI  General Directorate of Taxes    +355684053554

With the invitation of the Chairman, in the meetings of the Multi Stakeholder Group, may participate representatives from other institutions.