AlbNet-EITI, workshop in Fier: Transparency by local government on the use of the royalty

The AlbNet-EITI civil society network held a workshop on February 18, in the city of Fier to increase the capacity of civil society and administration to meet EITI standards. The workshop was attended by representatives of civil society in the municipality of Fier but also by the municipalities of Roskovec and Patos, high school students, members of the Youth Parliament, teachers, representatives of the local government etc.

Network Director Anila Hajnaj emphasized the importance of familiarization with the EITI initiative and its implementation in the extractive industry areas. In her presentation, she said that the initiative ensures transparency in natural resources and their responsible management.

EITI expert Sami Neza said that civil society has an important role to play in implementing EITI while also introducing issues from the new Extractive Transparency draft Law. Participants demanded transparency from the local government regarding the use of royalty as well as lowering the reporting threshold for real beneficiaries/BO in the draft law related to this issue.

Speakers also emphasized the transparency of company contracts with the government, requiring their prior discussion with community members of the areas where these contracts will be implemented.