Workshop in Kukës: The community must benefit from the income of energy produced by Fierza hydropower plant.

In the framework of the project supported by SECO, Albnet-Eiti organized on the February 1st, 2020 a workshop with local government representatives, community members and representatives of the civil society in Kukës. The aim of the worksho was to raise the awareness on the implementation of EITI standards as well as to increase capacity and enlargement of the civil society coalition.During the meeting, the Head of the Albanian Network of civil society for the transparency of extractive industry Albnet-EITI, Anila Hajnaj explained the need for representatives of the city of Kukës and the municipality in general to be informed on the EITI and how this initiative through its standards affects the lives of citizens.She invited representatives of the community and civil society to join the EITI CSO network in order to raise the community’s voice which may help in proper management of natural resources for the interest of citizens. She announced to the citizens of Kukës living that the hydro energy production will be included in the Albanian EITI Reports.The participants present asked that their area must profit much more from the use and extraction of their natural resources such as chromium and Fierza power plant.They welcomed the enlargement of the AlbNet-EITI in their area. Ten CSO and community members joined the network.