Strengthening the civil society in the EITI process


Strengthening the participation of the civil society in the EITI process, is the project supported by State Secretariat of Economic Affairs (SECO) close to Swiss Embasy and implemented by Albanian Center for Development and Integration (ACDI) and other AlbNetEITI Coalition members. The project is focused on two main streams of work: 1) enlargement of the Civil Society Organisation (CSO) Coalition for EITI (AlbNet-EITI), with new members and 2) capacity building of the members of the Coalition, to fully and effectively fulfill their duties in the EITI Multi Stakeholder Group (MSG).

One of the components of the project is a “Survey on the knowledge and understanding of the EITI and related benefits and obligations”, where the problems encountered by civil society and community members regarding knowledge and transparency of the extractive sector, were identified.

The Survey provided recommendations (following) for all the actors involved in extractive issues.


AlbNetEITI Coalition

The  information collected through survey, should be used to design the future CSO strategy in order to expand AlbNet-EITI Coalition, reaching areas where natural resources are extracted, with actors who are committed to work in the field of transparency of extractive industry. The coalition members should promote EITI in all the levels of central and local institutions. They have to be active to provide relevant information to CSO MSG members. They have to be the link between community and local authorities and extractive companies in order to address community concerns and cooperate in designing the future  projects based in community priorities.


AlbEITI – MSG – Secretariat

A national communication strategy has to be drafted in cooperation with three main actors participating in MSG. In order to expand the knowledge about EITI all over the country should use all possible sources such media, newsletters, publications, meetings with communities, local authorities, extractive sector and civil society.


Local government

Every municipality must publish in their websites a section with detail information regarding: list of active companies working in their region, what community project they invest, royalty allocation and projects where invested. Information regarding transparency of extracting activities should be also presented in their public hearings. They have to collaborate with civil society and communicate during the design of the future projects taking in consideration community priorities.


Central institutions should publish in detail the information as it is foreseen in the EITI criteria.


Extractive sector

Sensitive issues referring damages from extractive activities should be discussed with communities and possible quick action should be taken. The new community projects, if any, should benefit community according their priorities.