Workshop on cooperation between National Secretariat and EITI Ukraine Secretariat in disclosing Beneficial Ownership

On December 16-18, 2019, Anila Hajnaj and Ola Mitre, representatives of Civil Society, members of the Multi-Stakeholder Group (MSG), Genci Terpo, Head of EITI National Secretariat, and other members were invited for a three-day business visit by representatives of the EITI National Secretariat and Civil Society, members of the Multi-Stakeholder Group (MSG) from Kyiev-Ukraine.

The aim of the visit wasintroduction with the steps done as one of the countries that created the world’s first register of Beneficial Ownerships for legal entities and property registry for government officials.

During this visit, meetings were held with EITI Ukraine Secretariat executives and representatives, National Bank of Ukraine Specialists, Anti-Corruption Action Center, Civil Society Members, representatives of the State Financial Monitoring Service of Ukraine, Youcontrol, and with the Chair of Open Government Partnership Coordination Council.

With the members of civil society such as Mr. Oleksiy Orlovsky, member of the EITI International Board and Ms. Dina,  Narezhneva, Manager at the International Renaissance Foundation, and Olena Pavleno from DIXI Grou, experiences were shared where representatives of AlbNet-EITIpresented the CSO Capacity Building, EITI Initiative promotion and the transparency of royalty tax projects where Albanian Civil society was very much engaged. A further collaboration was promised where cso Ukanian team asked for some working documents referring above mentioned projects to be shared in order to be implemented there too.

In other meetings referring the implementation of the system for the Identification of  Beneficial Ownership in Ukraine there were presented steps taken starting from amending the law, the aplication of penalties for non-reporting businesses, simplification of reporting procedures for businesses, and capacity building for local organizations.

Investigated cases and how well-known political and business figures in the country use manipulative schemes to conceal Beneficial Ownershipwere presented by the representative from the Anti-Corruption Action Center

Also representatives of Youcontrol center introduced the entire compliance analytics system, which generates a complete profile for every Ukrainian company based on open data.

Representatives of the State Financial Monitoring Service of Ukraine presented the key role that this institution plays in the analysis and generalization of risk, the discovery of mechanisms of proceeds laundering of crime through the use of entities with dark ownership structures.