EITI – OSCE: 4 Inter-municipal Workshop with Local Government on Royalty issues

Mineral Royalty Monitoring Report prepared by the Albanian Center for Development and Integration, made possible by the project: “Citizen Pressure on Local Government for Full Use of Natural Resources for Community Benefits” where 5 municipalities were monitored as Patos, Roskovec, Vajgurore Bridge and Bulqiza have had a great echo both nationally and internationally.

The OSCE supported the report and initiated the idea of a national strategy, by organizing 4 cross-country thematic meetings on royalty issues in Roskovec, Vlora, Berat and Bulqize.

Invited in those meetings, the Project Leader, ACDI Representative Anila Hajnaj, presented the conclusions, recommendations and strategies for improvement of the legal framework and the ways of simplifying the procedures of the royalty revenue distribution on the local government.Different municipalities also use the Report as a reference when discussing the legal and procedures issues of the distribution of royalty.

The Albanian Center for Development and Integration has also distributed the Royalty Report to the EUROAZISE organizations involved in the EITI process, part of the PWYP coalition, as a model to be implemented by other organizations, dealing with the transparency of the exploitation of natural resources.

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